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CDL Logistics offers a complete 3PL, order fulfillment and distribution services that acts as a natural extension to your supply chain, whatever your needs.

We have the ability to tailor your fulfillment into respective sales channels of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) which are aligned to the various multi-channel inputs, such as online, EPOS, Accounting and MRP systems.

We manage complex long-term order fulfillment solutions, including product, merchandise, and POS. We also have the ability to manage campaigns and 'one-off' promotions’ whatever the market sector or size.

Our web based Integrated Fulfillment System (IFS) provides seamless automation of multiple sales/marketing channels, giving Clients 24/7 real time access to stock figures, order processing , tracking details and management reports, all via a secure Client Portal.

Best of all, our pricing mirrors your business activity, so if your activity is low so are our charges giving you peace of mind.

The CDL Group

CDL Logistics was founded in 1996 when CDL London Limited was formed to acquire Cancol Distribution, a business that provided distribution services for the Cancol Printing Group from its creation in 1983. Since its formation, CDL Logistics has flourished and grown by focusing on its core competencies of warehousing, fulfilment and logistics and is proud to celebrate its 21st anniversary this year. In 2006, CDL acquired Fairway PSD Limited (Slough) and in 2009, iMS Fulfilment and Distribution was bought into the Group. This has taken the CDL Logistics Group into new market sectors and we are now proud to offer our clients the benefit of our experience in the automotive, FMCG and e-commerce sectors As part of our expansion plans, CDL purchased three purpose-built, modern high bay warehouses in South East London, increasing the amount of warehousing space from 15,000 sq. ft to over 240,000 sq. ft.



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    Its Nice to be Nice

    We are fortunate to have experience servicing accounts of all shapes and sizes, from large “Blue Chip” operations to SME’s and new ventures. Its gratifying to know that the 3pl service we supply can make such a positive impact to the success of a business and to the confidence and mindset of those who compliment us with their trust and commitment, a recent example of this is Emma Director of BoysDanceToo UK who has been kind enough to share her experience with us.

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    A Fond Farewell to Lesley

    Lesley has worked at Fairway for 25 years!
    And on top of that, she turned 70 last week!

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    Christmas Time at CDL

    And everywhere else we imagine, once again we cannot overstate our appreciation at the continued support and commitment our clients show us, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and our thanks for your continued commitment to CDL and its services.

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    In times of uncertainty, one thing is certain

    We are using alternative toilet roll more and more! This tough economic climate has been no match for Fairway and one of its biggest growing clients Who gives a crap. In a time where preserving the environment is paramount, it seems many have taken Who gives a crap close to their bum, by opting to use their 100% recycled toilet roll. This festive addition would make a great gift for Christmas and is a unique way of ‘giving something back’ by helping to support their continued charity work.

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    Peace at last

    There is no way we can keep this quiet. CDL are overjoyed to announce the arrival of its newest client, KeepEmQuite. A company who provide bespoke, handpicked, travel packs for kids. KeepEmQuite have already taken flight, after winning the 2016 Small Business Sunday competition on Twitter, 2017 saw them become a Thomas Cook stockist. KeepEmQuite will be taking advantage of CDL’s bomb packing facility as well as our seamless API, which is linked to their own order capture systems. We are pleased to be providing a third-party fulfilment solution to KeepEmQuite and are confident that our bespoke warehouse solution will enhance their offering and help them continue the expansion of their company.

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    A New Addition

    With the continued growth of our clients and the ever increasing need to offer our clients customers a price sensitive “just in time” solution, we have invested in a new vehicle to add to our current delivery fleet.


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