A Fond Farewell to Lesley

Lesley has worked at Fairway for 25 years!

And on top of that, she turned 70 last week!

And on top of that she is retiring on Friday 31st May!

This is the end of an era!

Lesley started working for Fairway in 1994!

She started at a time when orders were being primarily received through the post!

Lesley joined us originally as a VDU operator We all worked on a UNIX based system with black screens and green text!

Lesley’s role evolved into processing the fulfilment of mail-merged letters for the Fiat Group.

Whatever the volume of work, Lesley would crack on at a rate of knots until she finished the whole batch. There was just no stopping her! She has just got on with the job, day in day out, no matter how hard she has had to work

She sailed past age 60 and then 65 and continued to be here every day, working away.

I don’t know how we will manage without her now but she is now going for some well-deserved rest.

We wish her a very happy retirement!

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