At CDL Logistics we provide a fully integrated e-fulfilment solution using tried and tested systems that have been developed over many years including our own management system IFS (Integrated Fulfilment System) which provides comprehensive control of all aspects of their business to our Clients. We provide a wide range of clients with a one stop e-fulfilment solution for their FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods). We integrate people, processes and technology to ensure customer satisfaction before, during and after the online buying experience.

Our FCMG products are sold quickly and at relatively low cost. Examples include non-durable goods such as soft drinks, toiletries and grocery items. These FMCGs are generally replaced or fully used up over a short period of days, weeks, or months, and within one year. We understand at CDL Logistics that FMCGs have a short shelf life, either as a result of high consumer demand or because the product deteriorates rapidly. Other goods such as alcohol, toiletries, pre-packaged foods, soft drinks and cleaning products have high turnover rates.

CDL Logistics have extensive experience dealing with FMCGs which are characterised by:

  • High Volumes
  • Low Contribution Margins
  • Extensive Distribution Networks
  • High Stock Turnover

This often includes bulk distribution to retailers and smaller mailings direct to consumers.

E-Fulfilment with CDL lets you stay in control of your business, from Beginning to End..

Case Study 1 (E-Commerce Retailers)

When a prospective e-tailer approached us with a requirement for a fully integrated solution we were able to demonstrate all the features they wanted, and more. Within 18 months of outsourcing their fulfilment to CDL their stock had increased from 300 to 1800 SKU’s, they have 100% satisfaction on Amazon and eBay and are constantly ranked on page one of Google. They have been able to focus on sales and procurement and let CDL handle the warehouse and fulfilment.

Case Study 2 (Food & Drink Manufacturer)

For the national rebrand of a household name CDL received 20,000 dump bins and 46,000 cartons of product for the campaign, as well as various other supporting POS including posters, wobblers and bunting, and media including noise sticks, car stickers and stress balls. Around 700 pallets linked to this campaign were received and the POS was despatched over the following six weeks.

During this period we also collated 30,000 POS kits in various configurations. POS was despatched direct to stores such as WH Smith, Blockbuster, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Cash & Carry’s. The final result was a successful campaign with complex requirements and national coverage that was completed on time and to a high standard.

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