The CDL Group

CDL Logistics was founded in 1996 when CDL London Limited was formed to acquire Cancol Distribution, a business that provided distribution services for the Cancol Printing Group from its creation in 1983. Since its formation, CDL Logistics has flourished and grown by focusing on its core competencies of warehousing, fulfilment and logistics and is proud to celebrate its 21st anniversary this year.

In 2006, CDL acquired Fairway PSD Limited (Slough) and in 2009, iMS Fulfilment and Distribution was bought into the Group. This has taken the CDL Logistics Group into new market sectors and we are now proud to offer our clients the benefit of our experience in the automotive, FMCG and e-commerce sectors

As part of our expansion plans, CDL purchased three purpose-built, modern high bay warehouses in South East London, increasing the amount of warehousing space from 15,000 sq. ft to over 240,000 sq. ft.

The Group has a unique setup, operating from multiple warehousing sites with small management teams. This enables CDL to offer increased flexibility, with each location offering specialised fulfilment, such as luxury goods, POS, marketing literature and e-commerce.

Our internet based integrated fulfilment system (IFS) provides seamless automation of online order fulfilment processing, giving Clients 24/7 real time access to stock details, order processing and management reports via a secure extranet login. We have invested heavily over the past nine years in IT infrastructure which is overseen by our offices in India. These teams work closely with the UK to develop and maintain the integrated fulfilment system (IFS). Having this set up has allowed us to respond quickly to any bespoke software developments that may be required by our clients.

CDL Logistics Group will tailor an order fulfilment solution whatever your requirements, from online fulfilment through to product fulfilment and marketing fulfilment, whatever your market sector or size. CDL Logistics Group work with large organisations through to smaller e-commerce companies providing B2B and B2C distribution and delivery services.

Along with complex long-term order fulfilment solutions, we also have extensive experience in merchandise, POS and product order fulfilment, with the ability to also manage campaigns and 'one-off' promotions.

The CDL Group comprises of the following companies:

CDL Logistics

Offers both paper and product fulfilment with national distribution to large organisations, with multiple sites both business and retail.

CDL London Fulfilment

Offers a wide range of fulfilment services with the benefit of our own fleet of vans handling all London deliveries.


Has its own benefits, being close to Heathrow and specialising in POS fulfilment and Marketing fulfilment, as well as providing distribution for several household names.


Is based on a smaller site and offers unrivalled e-commerce fulfilment and fast turnaround pick and pack.


Offers dedicated courier delivery services within Greater London.

CDL Logistics USA

Offers both paper and product fulfilment with national distribution to large organisations, with multiple sites both business and retail within USA.

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