International Fulfilment

Getting it wrong is not an option when doing International Fulfillment, as correcting the mistake can be time consuming and costly. With a history of excellence in fulfilment, CDL operates the following to ensure accuracy and precision in meeting our target of continual 100% success rate:

  • Every order is double checked, with our ‘Pickers’ and ‘Packers’ who are separate individuals
  • Barcode technology has been introduced which can now further eliminate any human errors
  • Orders are packed, when required, to IATA standards, which will include all appropriate packaging, labeling and relevant paperwork to ensure that there are no delays at Customs
  • All orders can be tracked back to the responsible operators in the event of any problem
  • All live orders are displayed digitally enabling the process to be tracked from start to finish benefiting both the consumer and client

CDL are able to meet a wide range of fulfilment requirements from daily pick and pack activities to complex individual campaigns with ease. No job is ever too big or too small as we value all our clients. Whether your requirement is large or you are a new start-up, CDL will ensure your goods are accurately, safely and efficiently delivered to your customers allowing you to carry on with your business.

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