The Beverage Industry is a shifting landscape as categories such as soft drinks continue to lose volume while functional and health & wellness oriented categories enjoy strong volume growth. At CDL Logistics, we understand the beverage sector and have implemented systems and procedures that ensure we can react swiftly to the varying needs of the marketplace.

With our own fleet of vans covering the whole of London and the flexibility to deliver to licensed premises out-of-hours, CDL are able to respond to your specific beverage fulfilment requirements.

Whether a major brand or a niche market retailer, storage and distribution of beverages provides its own unique set of challenges such as keeping the goods in a temperature controlled warehouse and ensuring the correct packaging specifications.

CDL Logistics has vast experience in providing high volume Point Of Sale or POS fulfilment and distribution services for the beverage sector. We have 165,000 sq. ft. of warehousing over multiple sites serving London, including Gatwick and Heathrow, and a proven record in developing and maintaining complex e-fulfilment solutions.

POS Fulfilment is a specialist service requiring strict processes and procedures to be in place. Requirements may be for both pull and push fulfilment, meeting requests from Field Sales Agents or managing large National Campaigns to retailers from a database. Either way, POS fulfilment and distribution can be complex and CDL have the resource available to manage any requirement:

  • Bulk Storage, Fulfilment & Distribution Capacity
  • Database Management
  • Pack Collation
  • Hand Finishing & Assembly
  • Product Packaging
  • Support of Field Sales Teams via Extranet
  • Events Support
  • E-fulfilment Ordering & Reporting

Our beverages POS is a user friendly, flexible point of sale system that is designed in such a way that it can fit your business easily. We provide a fully integrated e-fulfilment solution using tried and tested systems that have been developed over many years including our own management system IFS (Integrated Fulfilment System) which provides comprehensive control of all aspects of their business to our clients. E-fulfilment with CDL lets you stay in control of your business. We provide real-time tracking on all orders that can be viewed at any time via our IFS Extranet.

Key Features Include:

Processing Information

  • Advanced Goods In Notification
  • Direct Order Processing
  • Inputting Product Images
  • Backorder Status

Inventory Management

  • FIFO: First In First Out
  • Monitoring of Stock Levels & Usage
  • Stock Movement & Location
  • Automated Notification of Low Stock


  • Real Time Tracking Status
  • 2 Point Status on all Goods Received
  • 6 Point Status on all Goods out Orders
  • Integrated POD Details

Management Information

  • Invoice Reports
  • Order Trends
  • Stock Trends
  • Transparent KPI Rporting

With a history of excellence in fulfilment, CDL operates the following to ensure accuracy and precision in meeting our target of 100% success rate:

  • Every order is doubled checked, ‘Pickers’ and ‘Packers’ are separate individuals.
  • Barcode technology has been introduced, further eliminating any human error.
  • All orders can be tracked back to the responsible operators.
  • All live orders are displayed digitally enabling the process to be tracked from start to finish.

Case Study (Vintners)

At CDL Logistics we store a range of products including spirits, vintage wines and ports and champagnes in a secure location monitored by CCTV. Our MHRA accreditation requires that temperatures are regularly monitored, and temperature-sensitive fans ensure the area is cool, making our warehouse the perfect storage conditions for such high value and sensitive goods. The experience of our pickers and packers combined with working in partnership with our clients to develop bespoke packaging has ensured zero breakages.

Case Study (Exclusive Beer Brand)

At our state-of-the- art warehousing that has been purpose built to fulfil our clients’ requirements, we store a wide range of beverage merchandising, including; glasses, beer mats, bar runners, posters, bottle openers and ice buckets. At CDL Logistics we are flexible and put our customers’ needs first and take orders by phone, email or directly online.

This particular client wanted to limit the budget of each rep. CDL Logistics came up with a solution. We developed a system whereby the value of all orders for each rep was accrued and required further authorisation when the limit was reached. Our flexibility and expertise in logistics meant that the client gained significant saving and greater control of stock.

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